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new haxelib announced

December 28, 2009

Just announced the new haxelib on the haxe list

Find at

New features include …

1. Server can be deployed to php and neko.
2. Is based on urls rather than haxe remoting, server interaction is via JSON.
3. Is command line compatible with haxelib but adds new commands and
switches, importantly for the haxe compiler “haxelib path” is intact.
4. Uses a configuration format called hxp modeled after Cabal of
Haskell. The hxp format is more like a makefile which you
include in your project directory, and can build the package
from, e.g.  haxelib pack prj.hxp
5. There is a default list of repositories, which clients can be
compiled to search with, -R on command line operates on an arbitrary
6. All commands search multiple repositories, e.g. project
dependencies are searched in each repository until the dependency
is met.
7. Can search all meta data contained in the hxp original file.
8. Servers can specify at compilation which licenses they accept,
client displays license and prompts for acceptance.
9. haxe/jQuery ajax based web page, using the JSON returning URLs.
10. Based on email/pw rather than username/pw
11. Conversion utility of packages from current haxelib.xml format to
new format where an email should be supplied.
12. Client data can be returned in the normal manner or as
JSON with the -j switch, e.g. haxelib search -j blah, good for scripting

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