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Emacs Tips

March 23, 2010


Must mention emacs org-mode.

I already mentioned the ability to blog directly from emacs with weblogger.el, now I am
blogging from emacs

Org-mode is an outliner, agenda, to-do list which works in plain text from a limited
markup. It also has a great interactive table editor.

Html, pdf and latex may be generated from the org document. So, after creating a document
with org-mode it may be exported to html and then posted directly to wordpress or blogger
with weblogger.el

A few things are useful to post to, will be slightly different.

  • I switch off css output on wordpress, the html still has class names, divs and spans but
    the css defs are gone; wants paid for providing custom css.

  • customize org so that it doesn’t generate headers and footers, not even the body tags.

  • Use the #+BEGINSRC and #+ENDSRC tags to enclose your code, and automatically htmlize
    it. The cool thing with that is it uses the emacs fontlock support already defined for
    your language, i.e. #+BEGINSRC haxe works (if you have haXe mode).

Column Editing

Checkout this video on emacs sophisticated column


Make your own top level menus in emacs.

(require 'easymenu)

(easy-menu-define blackdog-menu global-map "MyMenu"
    ["New Blog"  (weblogger-start-entry )]

       ["html"  (org-export-as-html 3 nil nil "tt" t)])

      ["Create" (gist-region-or-buffer)]
      ["Fetch" (gist-fetch)])

     ("Misc"  ;; submenu
       ["Save & exit" (save-buffers-kill-emacs t)]


Good site where I found most of these tips


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