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neko/v8 performance

May 26, 2010

Hugh Sanderson has done some tests with PhysAxe

My Chrome/V8 run was about 20fps like another commenter.

Maybe Hugh didn’t have the neko jit enabled as it only exists for 32 bit, nevertheless for me this is further proof that the Javascript target is the future of haxe on the server. is where you want to go if you don’t believe me.


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  1. Tom permalink

    While I don’t like the idea of Javascript becoming a language for actual applications, because that’s not what Javascript was made for, I’ll have to follow the lead if that really is what it turns out to be.

    However, isn’t Javascript exactly what we don’t want and why we use haXe?

    Javascript brings you to the world of non-unified APIs of CSS, HTML5 and.. Javascript. Even if you really use it domless, so that it has nothing to do with HTML5, you’re looking at: Google V8, CommonJS, Node.JS….

    There are so many things that you need to bring together or otherwise do. Personally I am completely lost when it comes to Javascript and I wish it would not become such a hype.

    I might change my mind if Javascript becomes “one thing” rather than a bunch of compilations.

    • Tom,

      The point for me is to use haxe to target Javascript as ‘the assembler of the web’. On the server side Node.js can be utilised in conjunction with my hxNode project which provides type signatures for haXe.

      I want haXe to play well with CommonJS so other people can use my modules written in haXe, I don’t want to write them in JS however.


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